SWANSOFT max cutting 35mm living plant Professional Pruning Shears Electric Scissors for Garden Vineyard Scissors – AliExpress

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Price: 420,57


1 max cutting 35mm living plant
25mm dry plant
2 rated voltage DC 43.2V
3 Rated power 400W
4 Rated current 10.0A
5 Current protection ≥35A
7 Weight 0.8Kg
Battery lithium
1 Capacity 4.8Ah
2 Voltage 43.2V
3 Running time 8.0h
4 weight 1.6kg
1 Rated voltage 100-240V AC,50-60Hz
2 Output voltage DC50.4V
3 Charging current 1.0A
5 Charging time 4-5h

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