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      ngredients: 100% biodegradable & environmentally friendly deep cleaning agent





      Instantly remove stubborn & deep stains on all stone surfaces with the Granite & Stone Stain Remover!





      No Damage to Stone Surfaces: Clean all types of stone surfaces safely! It can easily decontaminate & remove grime, soap scum, hard water spots, food stains and more! Features a formulation that will not damage or dull your stone, leaving it looking clean and polished!





      Zero-Rinsing Needed: No need for vigorous scrubbing nor rinsing! Just place powder over stain. It will reabsorb stains out of all-natural stone surfaces including granite, marble, limestone, slate, travertine, terra cotta, soapstone, flagstone, and concrete! It even absorbs mildew stains out of grout!





      Simple & Safe to Use: It’s 100% safe & environmental-friendly! It does not require mixing of harsh solvents thus zero-fumes, no VOCs or skin burns! Perfectly safe for home & indoor use. A great alternative to corrosives!






Ingredients: 100% biodegradable & environmentally friendly deep cleaning agent

Net Weight:35g

Package Included:

1 PC Stone Stain Remover


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