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FAIR 2022 7 in 1 fat burining weight loss 80K vacuum cavitation system Photon Lipolaser RF cellulite cavitation machine

Principle and function of photon energy

The main role of low-energy lasers (biostimulation) by giving appropriate energy to stimulate biological cells and induce or strengthen a series of physiological responses, including promoting local blood circulation, regulating cellular function, enhancing immune function, promoting cell metabolism and diffusion.

The use of a wavelength of 630nm-650nm red laser, is a visible spectrum, this wavelength of light penetration is very strong, effectively activate and repair fat cells, can penetrate the fat layer, so that subcutaneous fat is heat dissolved, no side effects, the body's fat layer stored in the triglycerides decomposed into free fatty acids and glycerol and released through the cell membrane channel.

Fatty acids and glycerol are transported to the tissues of the body that produce metabolic energy, and when the body needs to use the stored reserve energy, the process of releasing fatty acids is a natural response that will ensure the elimination of free fatty acids from the body through a complete metabolism.


1. Body & Face slimming

2. Skin lifting and tightening

3. Wrinkle removal

4. Blood circulation improving

5. Immunity of lymphatic tissue increasing

6. Striae of pregnancy removal

7. Skin Rejuvenation

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