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Price: 8.81 - 5.64

Breast Enhancement Cream Improve Sagging Anti-Aging Firmness Sexy Promote Secondary Development Collagen Breast Care

Product name: Breast Enhancement Cream
Net content: 40g/1.5floz
Main ingredients: Panax Ginseng, Collagen, Helichrysum, Cynanchum Atratum Extract, Vitamin E
Efficacy: The collagen formula rich in elastin will lift, firm and nourish your breasts, helping you get rid of flat and sagging breasts.
Suitable for the crowd: Suitable for all people

This product is rich in herbal ingredients, very mild and non-irritating, and the texture is refreshing and not greasy. Quickly penetrates into the skin, activates cells, lifts and tightens the skin, improves blood circulation, prevents skin sagging and anti-aging.
Rich in collagen, it can increase the elasticity of the skin, supplement the nutrients needed by the breasts, make the breasts larger, plump and elastic, and prevent skin atrophy. Evens and brightens skin tone, removes dullness.
Promote the production of female hormones, increase the level of estrogen, make the breasts develop again, and promote the growth of mammary glands and tissues. Improve the chest curve, make you look fashionable and sexy, and increase female self-confidence.

Package includes:
1*Breast Enhancement Cream

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