2 In 1 Laptop Expand Stand Notebook For iPhone 13 Xiaomi Support For Macbook Air Pro Desktop Holder Computer Notebook Accessorie – AliExpress

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Price: 7,62

Selling point:

1. Efficient office: realize dual-screen interaction, say goodbye to bow people, and work efficiently.

2. Strong magnetic force: There is no need to worry about the drop of the device due to the small magnetic force, effectively protecting the device.

3. Small and convenient: small size, the computer will not become bulky.

4. Simple operation: just stick one end on the computer, and it can be absorbed as soon as you put it down.

5. Flexible: The rotation is natural and flexible, every comfortable angle is suitable for you, and it is flexible in different directions.

6. Wide range of applications: You can use it in any place you think of, such as cars, computers, etc.


Product color: silver/black/blue

Product material: aluminum alloy

Product size: 12.8*5.5cm (when combined) unfolded width 6.9cm, thickness 0.7cm

Packing size: 17.5*7*1.5cm

Product weight: 60g

Packing weight: 72g

Product list: bracket + magnet

Reminder: The movement above iphone12 can not use magnetism, and the iphone12 and below and Android models need to use magnetism.

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